Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Last Up-Date: 17 May, 2020

Please Read The Terms And Conditions before Using Our Website.
The Website Of Address http://karan-kka.blogspot.com
As of Name "KaranKKA"

The website is made to Provide online entertainment, creativity, promote, support, to Provide, to Review, To Discuss.

Our Website Only Provide's Games Who Are Popular, Underrated, And Games Which Should Be Promoted The Legitimate Games Which The User is searching For We Don't Provide Pirated Games. To Help the developer's For Android Games.
We Give Credits to the Owner
We only Provide Free Games

Our Website Only Provides Arts Which are Free To Use with the proper Credits To the Owner/Artists
We encourage Arts for Website's Development, Games Development, Video Editor's and Personal Use

Our Website Only Provide's Public Domain Audiobook's
Which are free to use.

Our Website Only Provide's Original Podcast.

I Frame:

We don't Allow using iframe's on Our Website.
We Can Take Action On you if you use our website on embedding on your platform. 


You  can't share any direct Download Links From Our Website. Or Use On YOUR own website.


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If you have any query Regarding Our Terms and Conditions Contact Us.

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