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Here's how you can download your Spotify Playlist in one click and play it on Spotify for absolutely Free.


Hey, everyone in this post i will be telling how you can download your Spotify Playlist or any song from Spotify and play it on Spotify without any subscription for free.

There is one condition for this trick to work, that is you need an android phone.

So, now let's start our short tutorial:

Step 1.1: Download an APK from below Button.

Step 1.2: Install and run the APPLICATION.

Step 1.3: Now, open your Spotify and copy any music or playlist link.

Here's how to get a link of any music or playlist.
Step 2.1: Search a Song you want to download.

Step 2.2: Click on 3 Dots on the right of the song.

download songs on spotify

Step 2.3: Now, many options will pop-on the screen. Simply Select Share Option.

can you download spotify songs

Step 2.4: Now, you will get many third party apps option. There you will find Copy link Option just click on it.

why won't my spotify songs download

Step 2.5: Now, you will see the following text, Your Link is now Copied just like in below image. 

spotify songs download free

Step 2.6: If you want to download Whole Playlist. Simply copy link of the playlist
Same as in the music click on the 3 dot and paste it in the app.

spotify premium apk download songs offline

Step 1.4: Here, now open the app you downloaded and Paste the link and Click on download and your Songs will start Download.

How to play downloaded songs on Spotify:

Step 3.1: Open your Spotify and Open Settings.

Step 3.2: Now, Search for the option Show Local audio files.


Step 3.3: Go to Your library in Spotify.

Step 3.4: You will find a new option called local files.

Step 3.5: You will find all the downloaded songs here itself.

Tips: You can create a separate Offline Playlists of your songs to listen to song in organised way.
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Well, thanks for visiting and reading our tutorial will see you in the next post with more exciting tricks.