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Why do we care so much about things that are out of our control? How to Stop Stressing About the Little Things?

  1. I don't care
  2. Why do we care
  3. Why should we don't care
  4. Here's a fix

I don't care...

The word I don't care is one of the most powerful words, it simply can do things we can't even imagine.

Bob is a guy who frustrated cause his tv remote battery is finished and he can't watch has favorite show tonight.
Even though this is a small problem he can't stand it, he blaming it to his remote and goes to sleep.
Thinking about why it happens to him while he knew cause of that show, he sleep late everyday.

He wakes-up refresh and new at morning cause he slept early yesterday, he goes to work and return to home but today also he forget to bring new pair of batteries for his remote.

He care about has show not the remote to be fair we all are like Bob we care about things we can't do anything about but when we could do something we simply don't care.

Caring about what is happening in others life while you are stuck in your endless loop, where almost everyday goes similar.
Social media is a place where people show what's going on in their life somebody brought a new car, somebody is travelling to a foreign country or maybe somebody partying all night.

We care about all of them sitting on our sofa thinking your life suck.
We care about it all, but do we working on the life we want?

The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.
Why do we care eerily?

Maturity comes when we stop chasing so called perfection, ever see a kid eerily caring about what balloon colour will be there on his or her birthday or what dress to wear?

Don't say it's just today's kids we all did this at some point.
When we are young and new, we see everything new and exciting so, we want to try everything and so we start chasing and caring to much about the careless things.

Becoming mature we choose not to obsess so much over them. We get selective about what to care about and what to not.

Why should we don't care?

Problems are a constant in life. When you solve your health problem by buying a gym membership, you create new problems, like having to get up early to get to the gym on time, sweating like a meth-head for thirty minutes on an elliptical, and then getting showered and changed for work so you don’t stink up the whole office.

So, what's the fix? 

I mean it's obvious that we have to decide about what to care about and what to just ignore.
Remember Bob he was worried about his favourite show but to watch the show the key was to get batteries of the remote, but he cared to much about his show that he blamed it, to the remote.
Well, the next day he didn't care at all and forget to get batteries.
That's what we do in our life's too we care too about something that we start ignoring small things like i have a assignment due tomorrow and here I am writing a post for my website. This post was inspired by a book called The subtle art of not giving a f*ck.

Well, that's it for this post see you in the next one, gotta finish my assignment on time.