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Heya Everyone, We all love Anime but some of the Anime are not officially available in our country.

So, To watch Anime in countrys where anime are not available. We have list-down some of the best websites to watch Anime online with No-Ads and No-Subscription (For Free).

1. Animixplay

It's a personal favourite website of mine cause, we have all the anime's available for could be watched/Downloaded without any ads. 

Plus it's UI is user friendly.

You can see scheadule of upcoming shows.

Could make a list of watching, on-hold, finished and planning to watch list.

It saves your progress on cloud if you decide to login to website.

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2. AnimeSuge

AnimeSuge is one most the best websites to watch Anime out there.

It also have all the anime's available.

And is stuffed with features like on-going, recently added and up-coming.


WCOFUN is one of the most OG Website to watch not only anime but cartoons too.

With collection all the anime/cartoon ever released.

It is up-to-date and have collection of animes.

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Well that's it for this list will be joining you with more amazing lists.
Tell us which one you like the most?
Or give us the suggestion of we missed something.