How to play Pokemon X and Y On Android for free - QuantGam

Hey, everyone in this post, i will be telling you. How you can download and play Pokemon X and y on your android phone without any lag (30+ fps).

Nintendo 3DS Games on Android:

Android phone can now play Nintendo 3DS games, with the help of Emulators. Citra Emulator is able to play all kind of Nintendo 3DS game.

So, if you want to play Pokemon X and y or even other 3DS games you are at the right spot.

Here's a quick download link for the game file of Pokemon X.

Here's a quick download link for the game file of Pokemon Y.

Unziping the file:

1. After downloading the file on your phone.
2. Open Playstore and download ZArchiver.
3. Open the ZArchiver and browse the file location.
4. Now click on the file and then select Extract here.
5. A new file with extension .3ds will be saved on the same location.

Downloading Emulator:

You can simply Download Citra Emulator from Google Play store.

Now, open the emulator and search for the file with .3ds.
Select the folder.
Now you will be able to see game on the games menu.
Simply click on the game and start playing.

 Fix low FPS and Lagging:

Consider you have a good processor to run the game smoothly.

Check how much fps you are getting:
Go to setting, in general setting select show fps.
If you are getting 10-15 fps.
Download the apk below

Citra Emulator Older version:

Uninstall the latest version and install the Apk, Now check the Fps. 

Here are the recommanded setting for smoothest experience for Citra Emulator:

Internal resolution: 1x (400x240).
Enable Hardware shader.
Enable memory reuse.
Enable CPU JIT
Disable audio streching
Shader type: Normal shader with cache.

You can adject the setting according to your phone and needs.

Well, this is it for this one, Meet you on another topic on another post.