How to Master Basic Web Dev in 30 days With 20 projects

Want to start web development here's a guide to complete your basic web development using HTML AND CSS.

Hey, everyone out there today I will be telling you. How I completed HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in just 30 days with 7 projects and around 16 mini projects. 
with responsive web development for mobile and tablets.

What does HTML And CSS are in web development?

HTML and CSS are the basic building block of any website, learning HTML and CSS will help you understand, How website work and made.

HTML provides web page structure, whereas CSS is mainly used to control web page styling. in other words HTML is a body of a web page or web application and CSS as a cloths of the web page, so that it could look beautiful and user friendly.

What does Responsive Web development means?

Think about you created a website, which work great on desktop but as soon as you open your website on mobile or tablet. It is simply won't work or the elements you created are not working properly to tackle this kind of problems it is highly recommended to learn responsive web development.

How to get started for free?

so the best way to learn something is by practicing it and when you can learn it for free and get a certification of the course which is given by the best learning platform available, it's just the best.

the course I would recommend you to take is:

(New) Responsive Web Design from FreeCodeCamp.

What is FreeCodeCamp?

FreeCodeCamp is a free service which provides free courses on these website as well as YouTube Channel.
the reason FreeCodeCamp Course is one of the best courses out there is because you learn by implementing either then just watching lectures.
You have to complete 16 mini projects and 4 major projects which include:
  1. Survey Form.
  2. Tribute Page.
  3. Technical Documentation Page.
  4. Product Landing Page
  5. and Personal Portfolio Webpage.
after completing this course you be able to learn basics of web development and be able to Master HTML and CSS.

Where to go after this course?

After completing this course you can get start with Javascript.

We will continue to enlighten you about other topics.