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5 best ways to be more productive and stay away from Distraction.

In this ever-changing world where everything is just made to make you an addict. It's hard to stay focused and be Productive keep distractions away.

So, we have gathered 5 points to remember and follow while doing something to not only stay focused but to avoid distractions away.

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1. Planning:

So, the first point is planning I mean we all make plans but do we execute them? Nah..

What are you missing then? 

Well, making a plan which is humanly possible most of us just think we will start the work at this time and will complete it on this time, but what about breaks?

  1. Make long term plans.
  2. Make to-do list for short term goals.
  3. Make a plan which have enough breaks.
  4. Treat short term goals as achievement.

Breaks during studying or working is every important part. It helps to relax your brain and body but also gives a fresh start option.
Do you know why I said it gives fresh start option ? It's because when we rest we often start Procrastination our body is at rest and due to Newton's first law of motion when we are at rest we want to remain at rest. So, we have option to fresh start but we start Procrastination which is our next point.

2. Procrastination:

Procrastination has made us all lazy. It's Friday afternoon and the clock is ticking. You're working furiously to complete a task before the five o'clock deadline, while silently cursing yourself for not starting it sooner.

Procrastination is a habit – a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior. This means that you probably can't break it overnight. Habits only stop being habits when you avoid practicing them, so try as many of the strategies, below, as possible to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding.

Read all about procrastination and how to avoid from mindtools.com will help you be more productive.

3. Importance:

It's really important to keep your work at higher priority then other works. That's the only way to not give up on your work.

We Planned our work, we stopped procrastination but what if we think.

It's not important enough rather than saying I will do it later, we just avoid it.

Yup... that's just the worst. So, always keep your work at top priority that's the unlimited way to be productive.

"Remember that you are needed. There is at least one important work to be done that will not be done unless you do it".
Charles L. Allen

4. Inspiring:

Here is one think we all do wrong, when we get inspired by somebody we start copying them.
We should understand that everyone is different and we can't be somebody 
Living somebody else life is no good.

We have to accept ourselves and our own goods and Bad.

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5. Rewarding:

Here we came to the last point which is rewarding. well, we all do work to get rewarded that's the only motive we have while performing something and if there is no reward it will be boring and you simply won't work on it.

So, as it said in first point treat short term plans like achievement to make you keep going.

It's not the end result we are just working on but every small step we are climbing.
So, remember to reward you on small achievements and motive yourself for more and bigger once.

Hope you guys enjoyed, the post and ready to blast at your work. While I see you in the next one.

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