3 Lowest latency Cloud Gaming services in India (2022)

Hello, everyone so today I will be telling you about 3 best which the lowest latency in cloud Gaming in India.
As, we know latency play's an important role in cloud Gaming.

Lower the latency better the experience ofcourse there are so, many problem with cloud Gaming about latency cause it's not always about the services but we can't decrease decoding and screening latency.
So competitive games won't be possible right now on cloud games but you can have a great experience playing some casual games on your pc and phones.

So, here is the first services comes in our list is:


It is the only Indian cloud Gaming service as it is focused only in india the latency is the lowest overall around 8-20 ms according to your network as they are unable to fix latency issue with jio fiber also the service is in early stages so, expect bugs and glitches a lot also with small library of games which you can play only if you own the games.

You can buy the monthly subscription only of 499 rs which is fairly cheap.

Next in the list is 


It is a new service but still have a huge library and have all kind of compatibility on all the devices across.

It have 15-25 ms latency which is fair it's monthly subscription is only of 450 rs as of now.

But in this service also you have to own games to play them.


This services is great as it not only have huge library but you can play games which you don't own by borrowing the game accounts for free as the service provides it for free with the subscription.

It's latency usually around 60-100 and have many impressive features and it's monthly subscription is 460 rs for now with 60 hrs of gameplay and 900 rs for 90 hrs of gameplay.

Hope you guys got your favourite service for cloud Gaming see you on the next post with more helpfull list / reviews.