Find out what future demands from IT students in next 10 years

DB, IOT, AI, Automation, Cloud computing, SQL is booming from last 5 years and will continue to boom for next 10 years here's why

Human is evolving technology in furious speed we keep on upgrading our devices, technology and methods very frequently searching for more effective and efficient ways to process data.

Well, IT services is every demanding career but also a great career. Demanding IT services is so dynamic that you have to learn each day.

"yes, from last 3 years they are firing people but also taking in" says

Kavi Selvan

, former Programmer Analyst at Cognizant in India (2019-2021)

IT career will keep on booming, future developers demand for people perfecting Data base, algorithms, Artificial intelligence where we can't differ between real or Artificial, Automating every expect of our life, cloud computing, Virtual Reality, IOT building future with great ideas are searching for next big thing.

A article from Top Universities explains " In fact, in 2018 it was reported that the demand for AI skills had more than doubled since 2015, with the number of job postings up by 119 percent, according to online jobs portal."

But it all comes down to individual skills and hard work as Tech can easily replace old with new so, keeping an update and upgrade regularly is the biggest task to grab a hold on to a place.

Machine Learning Engineering: As more and more.

data is been stored in cloud now, processing is became difficult.

Roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is stored on internet everyday, With the growing popularity of IoT (Internet of Things), this data creation rate will become even greater. Says seedscientific.

here machine learning will be in great demand in next 10 years.

UX designer: of course as more and more business becoming digital platforms.

Its never been so important for websites, software, and apps to ensure unique and better user experience to stand out in crowd.

Robotics engineer: As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, robotics engineers are having to constantly analyze, reevaluate, configure, test and maintain the prototypes, robotic components, integrated softwares and machines they create for the manufacturing, mining and automotive service industries, among others. It is a highly technical job which requires patience and rational thinking. also robotics are now playing a great role in healthcare.

Data scientist As businesses and organizations collect and use more data every day, the demand for skilled experts has skyrocketed. With opportunities to work in practically every sector and industry, from IT to entertainment, manufacturing to healthcare, it’s the responsibility of data scientists to compile, process, analyze and present data for an organization in order for it to make more informed decisions.

Cloud engineer Over the last few months, cloud computing has become a must-have for those working remotely. At the same time, organizations have been frantically hiring those with the skills and knowledge who can migrate processes, implement the necessary infrastructures and perform cloud-related tasks.

Cloud engineers are often titled under different roles, including solutions architects, cloud developers and sysops engineers. In some instances, the roles and responsibilities will vary, but the overall responsibility of a cloud engineer is to plan, monitor and manage an organization’s cloud system, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, and Slack.

IT sector itself is a big world to explore which involves all different kinds of passion and career.

Now, days more and more people is engaging in courses for becoming Hackers, UX designer, network engineers or programming in general.

But as we speak IOT a key point or a building block for future is in great advance, new ideas are been implemented tested each day.

We are still so far from the future we imagine like flying cars, humans like robots, Nanotechnology, New energy solutions, extended reality and so many expects of biology like Gene-editing and synthetic biology.