My experience with Netboom in India (2022 January)

Hello, guys so today we are going to review Netboom as i mentioned it in my post Is cloud gaming possible in India? Best service available? airtel cloud gaming? As it is a cloud gaming platform I wanted to try it out myself.

As not only it provides free games but also a  pc mode for which I was most excited for.

Think about you get a gaming pc on your normal work laptop.

So, here is the review
Before we start the review, I have to mention one thing that keep in mind this review is indian users as well as around the globe you have to check the ping you will be getting while using the service.
For me it was 60-100 ms which is not a good ping for playing games. Lower the ping better the experience.

Now let's start with what are the things I loved about the service:

• ofcourse we can play games which we don't own (from there borrow account option).

• Availability it is available in Asia ( as so less services are present in Asia.)

• It is good and queues don't take much time.

• loved the concept of pc mode

Now let's talk about what are the things I didn't liked about the service:

• High ping ( Singapore server gave me 60-100 ms if we had indian servers we could much lower ping. )

• We can't check ping before we buy the subscription ( the worst thing. I thought i will waste my money. )

• Biggest problem in pc mode My pc stopped working for no reason after using it for 1.5 hour ( no reason found. Maybe it just stopped. )

• Our changes on pc mode are not saved everytime you start the pc mode it start from beginning so you have to download all the software like discord or games which are not available in there library which is a pain.

• Downloading speed is not the best

So, it's pretty simple as of now that service is good but not the best. If they can fix these issues i think this is the best service present as of now.

They have a discord server so you can always ask for help

If you have any queries you can ask us out in comments down below.