Why video games are not made in India? how it will change?

Hello fellas Today, I will be explaining to you. Why Games Are Not Made In India? and Problems regarding it, let's start with explaining about the Market in India for games. Well, almost 80% of the store and retail shops have only collection of crack games/Consoles or jailbreak in India and if that's not enough majority of casual gamers in India uses Torrent and other sources to play games for free.

If less people buy games then, why a company will invest on something in which they will get loss.

            It is the Biggest reason, that People don't see games as a product but a Use and Throw stuff. People need to know the content they are playing is a product on which company have to invest loads of Money, To earn profit and if you play cracked/Modded games you are nothing but stealing and wasting whole efforts and investments.

I think the second reason is, when someone wants to learn game development or get a job in video games related company's. They are usually seen peculiar career and jobs.

If we think about how we can change this is pretty simple, Buy the games or wait for offers to get them in discount or free.

Tell us what do you think about your views on this topic, ending with the small note "If you can't effort it, you don't deserve it".

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