Is cloud gaming possible in India? Best service available? airtel cloud gaming?

 Hello, everyone to the brand new post. today, we are going to discuss about cloud gaming scenario in India.
So, I have being researching on the services available in India and I have found that almost all of the major services are not available in India. Like Luna (from amazon), Stadia (from Google), Xcloud (from Microsoft) and PS Now (from Playstation).

Thats why? my hopes went down, Ofcourse now we cant expect best and exclusive cloud gaming in india but here is the twist.

Today I will be telling you services available in India. which consist of NetBoom, Loudplay, Project Gaming, Geforce Now and Vortex.
additionally Airtel Cloud gaming.

So, Firstly I haven't arranged services from best to worst but as of now, I have to say NetBoom is the only service Which have the best and wide collection of games present and also provide Virtual Machine (Cloud Computer).

But as it is good, it also comes with time limitation that can be removed by buying Double the cost of 10$ subscription.

Loudplay is Virtual Machine based service, Which is in early access as of now, so basically you have to pre-own the games you want to play, as it only provide Virtual machine not the games.

Project Gaming is the India based cloud gaming service, Which have limited games present as well as you have to own the games on Steam or Epic store before playing the game.

Right Now, Geforce now is not available in India but you can still play it you ask how? using VPN. as the service provides good Quality and mid-Latency in inda for casual gaming.

Vortex is also have good collection of games but have time limitations and does not provide Virtual Machine.

Now, Lets Talk about Airtel Cloud Gaming service as recently Airtel invited Indian gamer and Tech Channel Owners to Come at Airtel data center and test out There cloud gaming service on 5G internet But Right now we do not know when it will come out and what all games will be added.

 As of Now I would Highly Recommend to Go with NetBoom because the Quality of streaming and Latency is best provided by NetBoom.

What do you think about clouding gaming and is Airtel cloud gaming will be good while testing Mobile games on Mobile, on there own data center so influencers can have lowest ping possible.
tell us what do you think about this?