Why your Xiaomi Redmi phone stop background apps while playing games? Game boaster settings, Discord, play games

 Hello everyone. Today, I have a awesome post coming on a tutorial. How you can stop your Xiaomi Redmi phone closing background apps like discord, google play games or Whatsapp (lol no body wants to use whatsapp while playing games notification just going to destroy the mood) while playing a game.

Xiaomi phones have a Game Boaster app. It's a special feature that your phone get to boast the performance of the game, but because of this sometimes you can see background apps usually stop.

So, here are the settings to resist the game boaster for closing the apps.


Open the settings in your phone, and search for the special feature>Game Turbo option in the settings or you can just search from the search bar.



You will now enter Game Boaster Menu. You now have to open settings of Game Boaster Menu.


Now you have to search for Memory exceptions option in the settings of the game turbo.


Now just select the apps you don't want to be closed in background.

Now you are good to go. it will now prevent the apps from stopping, while after this settings the apps stop you can just disable battery saving mode.

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