How to Backup Your Contacts on your Android Phone Automatically

 Hi everyone, Today we are going to look for "how to backup you contacts on you google G-mail account automatically. so, you can never lost them and you can transfer the contacts very easily.

Here how you can do this,

STEP - 1

Download and Install The Official App of Google, Contacts from PlayStore.

STEP - 2

Now Open the app and search for the Option you can see in the Red Rectangular Box Auto-sync is off. Tap to turn on.  If you don't see the option you are good to go to next Step.

STEP - 3

Just click on the 3-Dots in the Top right corner to open the toolbar and Click on the Merge and Fix.

STEP - 4

Now Tap on the Turn on Backup & sync Option.

STEP - 5

Now Simply Choose the Account you want to back-up your contacts on and click Turn on back up & sync 

As you can see in the below image the contacts are backing up on your google account that you can get whenever you want. also from now on the new contacts will be automatically back- up on your account.

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