Discord mobile app Easter egg/feature that you may not know-

Hello everyone to any other post today, I'm going to tell you about the Easter egg/feature that you may not know:

So, the feature is basically for people who want something different from just light mode or dark mode.

As you know discord always play around with users and give them a special time feature for users to enjoy and have fun.

But with this Easter egg discord is not only playing around with users but also testing a experimental feature that they want to test.

now then let me show you how you can get the feature:


Go ahead and go to the setting and open Appearance option in settings.


Now you can see the Theme option Right?

Just spam the Light option.

it will turn your whole screen white and turn on your flash light, you don't believe. So, here the video how its done.

okey it's done, now for the serious part.

Now for the second just spam the Dark mode Option.

A new option will appear below the Dark Mode called as 

AMOLED optimized mode a experimental option for people who want theme to be black not but faded black so here you go.

So, here is the end of the post you can read more post on different topics.

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