Two Places You Think You Are Safe But You Are Not In This Times -Week Of KaranKKA

Its a  nice evening like usual rick, who live in New Delhi ,India "he works In a company in which 10 people work under him and earns enough", Due to Covid-19 pandemic the streets are usually are not crowded he has just finished has work at around seven in the evening he is going toward has home with car.

He stopped due to a red traffic light,  A person on a bike was waiting for the light to get green with him (in front of him), even after the lights being green the guy on the bike did not move.

Rick opened his car window and shouted at him "GO OR MOVE ASIDE DUDE" The guy left the bike and came to the rick's car window opposite to the driving seat . He is a middle-aged old man, The guy shouted at Rick "OPEN THE CAR'S DOOR" Rick said. NO, I will not just move aside and leave. I do not want to engage in anything, I just want to go home. The guy took out a gun from his jacket and pointed towards him and said to open the door if you do not want to get in any trouble. Rick panicked as he knew this guy is mad and can do any thing Rick said sorry, let me go please.

The guy became furious and struck the gun on the window "JUST LET ME IN."

Rick had no choice but to open the doors, the guy sat next to Rick and said to drive to an empty place while pointing the gun at Rick's head.


Rick derived the car near a tree and said what you want I said sorry already.


Guy said: remove all the money you have.

Rick said: I do not have any.


Guy said: you are lying! you give me or I kill you.


Rick said: O-key here is 10,000 rupees.


Guy said: I want more.


Rick said: you can check I do not have now


Guy said: then get it from the ATM.


Rick said: Okay I do it, just keep this gun away from me.


(Rick sent his location through whatsapp, The guy looked old and uneducated. Rick called Surya (Brother) at home and said in English)


Rick said: I am in fucking danger, a guy is in my car pointing a......gun on me.


Surya said: Where are you? Tell me, are you o-key should I call the police?


(The guy did not understand anything but when Rick said "GUN" Guy understood Rick was calling for help.)


The guy snatches the phone and cut the call and kept Rick's phone in his pocket.


Guy said: listen to me get the money, Right now!


surya said: okey there is ATM near by I go and get the money. (rick came out of the car and ran)


When the guy saw Rick running, he came out of the car but did not chase Rick. he waited for sometime and left. by the time Rick saw police on the road his brother called for him.

He then described all the stuff and took them to the car.

However, the guy was not there.

Police suggested to visit the police station in morning.

Rick returned to his home a 3:00 a.m at Night.

He didn't sleep the whole night, and visited the police station at 9:30 a.m at morning to file a FIR (First Information Report) against him.


He visited the police station alone, the police took advantage of it and forced him not to take any step further more and end this right here.

Rick refused to and asked them to file a report but the police said straight "No" and forced him to stay at the station for 2 hours.


Rick his a normal family background so at last he had forget about his money and focus on his future and job.

this is  not just the story on rick but so many people in india who work day and night to make there future stable they can't stand for there right because they already are going through loads of stuff already.

Perhaps everything would be okay if police would have got at time, perhaps if he would not gone to the police station alone, perhaps police would have taken any action against him or the police would not be corrupted or had pressure to avoid the situation.


in this times when in India covid-19 is in the pick time. no beds ,no ventilators or oxygen cylinders are available. in most of the city's the out break is out of control, people dyeing outside of the hospital.

Patient's waiting whole day to get appointment and prescription there in no way India can fight covid-19 alone.


from more than 2 weeks now the graph just coming up, according to reports Arundhati Roy puts in the article on The Guardian  India spends about 1.25% of its gross domestic product on health, far lower than most countries in the world, even the poorest ones.


A man who lives in Gwalior a town near Indore, found out that his mother was covid positive in a few days her oxygen levels where down to 80%. She was been hospitalized in a government hospital, after been 5 days in hospital died due to covid.

The hospital took a long time to give the body to the family.


When the family asked to see the face, they found out that her eyes were missing. These cases are coming daily nowadays, recently PM Narendra Modi tweeted on tweeter "In any challenging situation, our scientists and innovators have always risen to the occasion and worked to mitigate the challenge. Over the last year, they have worked industriously to fight COVID-19. I appreciate their spirit and remarkable zeal."


The only thing we can do is take care of ourselves and people around us.