Lucid Dream 1 review and system requirements KaranKKA

 Hey, everyone today i am going to review the game "Lucid Dream 1" for mobile and the requirements for your device to run it.

System Requirements:

  • Version:  4.1 And Above
  • Storage Required: 200 MB
  • Ram: 500 mb and above
  •  Internat: No
  •  Playstore Rating: 4.7/5
  • User-Rating: 4.5/5
  •  PlayTime: 20-40 minutes
  • Parental guidance: 7+


Hey, everyone so now its the time for the review the game is made by dali games the developers have only published the lucid dream series only. So, i actually didn't had any background about the company.

Basically the game Lucid Dream 1 have beautiful artstyle, environment and Storyline.

There is a small girl Lucy the story revolve around her life where her mother is depressed and don't actually interested in talking and enjoying her life.

Maybe due to her husband death. Lucy is on the mission in the magical world to find out the problem and how to solve it.

The game point and click game but still developer have pulled out the game with awesomeness.

But the problem is the game is divided into three parts so, you only be able to play only 5 of the starting levels and in next part 5 and 3 in lucid dream 2 and lucid dream 3 respectively there are total 23 levels in the game.

I will rate first part 9/10