Why You Are Wrong About Youtube KaranKKA

Hello, I am KKA not a YouTube algorithm expert but today I'm going to tell you why almost 90 percent of people who starts their YouTube channel never reach more than 1 thousand subscribers or even getting more than 1 thousand subscriber their viewers are not that frequent and responsive. Why YouTube is a job not a hobby? Why becoming famous on YouTube is tough then you think?

Before all the things we are going to discuss. On the very important topic, you have to understand why you want to start your YouTube channel? Usually people think they can be their own boss. YouTube is easy as compared to studying for some competitive exam. 

What if I tell you YouTube is just like competitive exams.

I have heard people planning what they will do. Why being YouTuber is best and all these. What if I say just like actors even YouTubers just show only their positive side not the real and true.

Understanding your content if you're content is inspired from a YouTuber and then you wants to become and do just like them you Have been trapped in the infinite loop where no one can take you out of it an endless trap which keep on changing your mood of producing content sometime you will feel that I should do this, sometimes you will think I should do that.

Most of the YouTubers say, do what you want on your channel, is it a truth?

And finally the last question I want to say is. Do you want to do YouTube for money? Or Career?

I'm going to answer you all the questions. So sit back and relax.

Vivid this before I move on, is you don't want good equipment's to create good videos the only thing you need is creativity and knowledge why I said YouTube is tough is because you have to market your videos to reach your target audience you have to manage, analyse and work efficiently and effectively if you have made a channel and started uploading videos how was the response not your friends and your own views hundred times the original views (organic search). 

If you want something to keep your foot on you need surface.

basically you need attention from those random people on YouTube who will click on your video without seeing how much views or subscribers you have. Limit yourself and you fail, you have to understand why somebody will click on your video or stream does YouTube even suggest your videos to people.

You are not your boss, your boss are those random people surfing on YouTube to find what they want and you know what? They want something best and different approach to things.

If you are trying to copy and follow a YouTuber stop doing it now.

Make your own audience do what people want to see from you the only thing to grow on YouTube. Try to make people's mind blow like you have seen YouTubers like MR Beast and Dream are the example you don't have to do big, you have to do perfect and relatable.

If you have a How-To channel make your videos Short and perfect.

If you have entertain channel make your videos relatable and exciting something new original.

If you have a gaming channel make your videos fluent and exciting.

If you seen people growing on doing something do not try to copy it. It works for him does not means it will work for you too.

You have to enjoy the process. If you laugh on your video even after watching it thousands times that's the content you want even a single second of flow break will cause a big damage.

Thumbnails, Title, description and Tags should be perfect.

Well, after my long year of experience I can tell one thing if you don't enjoy your work you can't progress it's an endless loop if you get tired you lose.

Keeping Track of your audience is most important you have to be proud of your content whatsoever. 

Well that's it if you have a questions or any feedback write us below. See you in the next one.



  1. I agree with you man

  2. I want to be a youtuber any tips?

    1. Only one tip do what's best do which gives better response later slowly you can convert your audience