Top 10 Upcoming android games to look forward this year 2021 Karan-KKA

Hello everyone today I have listed down some of the best upcoming games for Android and ios games in this year 2021 that I'm so excited about with two already released game in bonus all the games are best and worth checking out.

10. Time to Hunt

The game going to be a MMORPG game with awesome graphics and environment and have beautiful art style like dragon ball kakarot. The game is in beta.

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9. The Swordsman X

It is like a battle royale ninja, samurai swordsman game with awesome graphics and animations. The game also in beta and not much is been reversed.

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8. Blades of the guardians

Blades of the guardians is also a MMORPG game placed in the world of magic and samurai the gameplay is revealed but not much is to be said the game have top view camera angle and you have to fight with bosses and anyother rpg game, the game look like early god of war games.

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7. Nier Automata

It will be the remastered version of the sane title from pc to Mobile but not to be confirmed.

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6. Will of shinobi

It is the MMORPG game follows the story of Naruto anime which is widely popular and the game also have top view camera angle.

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5. Project: GaIa

The game project gaia is most likely to be a online multiplayer game with crazy environment and horror like graphic design to everything is yet to be confirmed.

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4. Gran Saga

The Gran saga is the MMORPG Game which is be placed in the fantasy world with fairly tale like experience.

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3. Tensura

The game is based on the anime. The have basis quest game but the anime is recently been popular tho.

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2. Round Table Oath

It's the another MMORPG game, Action game follows a story with magic and bosses.

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1. Lost Light

Lost light is a Survival, progression and completion mobile game developed my Netease Games

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom

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