Shine: Journey of light System Requirements and Review

 Hello everyone today i am going to tell you about the game Shine: Journey of light.

System requirements recommended:

• Version:  4.2 And Above
• Storage Required: 300 MB
• Ram: 500 mb and above
• Internat: No, not compulsory
• Playstore Rating: 4.1/5
• User-Rating: 4.2/5
• PlayTime: 2-3 Hours

• Parental guidance: 3+


The game have simple mechanism. You just have to tap on screen the duration of time you hold your finger on the screen decides how much up your character will go.

It is a platformer game with relaxing music and have a cute little story of the light which goes underground to find the reason why there is not moon on sky.

You have to help light gather small shinny lights for the energy to keep moving and magical balls placed three of them in each level. Except level 1,2,3 and 4.

With sweet and cute naration of the story.

You are in the search for the creature's those who mine in underground to provide moon energy to glow on  sky.

Our rating for this game will be 9/10 and we recommend you to play the game for all ages, as the game makes you feel relax and you will have a great time and a good rest from your busy day.

1. Is the game shine Journey of light is on android?

Yes, the game shine Journey of light is available on android.

2. Is the game shine Journey of light is paid game?

Yes, the shine Journey of light is a paid game but can to played free also while watching advertisements.

3. How many levels do the game shine Journey of light have?

The game consist of 40 handcrafted levels and 4 chapters.

4. How many world does the game journey of light have?

The game is consist of 40 handcrafted levels and 4 chapters.

5. What is pg rating for the game Shine Journey of light?

The game can be played by anyone with relaxing music and entertainment, it's pg rating is 3+

6. What are the names of chapters in shine Journey of light?

First chapter: Oh Moonies, where did you go?
Second chapter: what's that sound?
Third chapter: TJELLE
Fourth chapter: The good, The bad and something inbetween

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