EndLess Nightmare Android Game System Requirements and Review Karan-KKA

 Hello, everyone are you a fan of horror games well i am not and I don't fear to say for a minute i felt that i shouldn't be playing this game.
But before all this let us know about system Requirements for the game endless nightmare.

System requirements recommended:

Version:  5.0 And Above
Storage Required: 300 MB
Ram: 2Gb but little laggy, 3Gb is recommended Ram and Above
Internat: No, not compulsory
Playstore Rating: 4.4/5
User-Rating: 4.5/5
PlayTime: 30-50 Minutes
Parental guidance: 16+


So, let's start our real Review, basically to be honest i super scared of horror games and i i have just completed granny game only before this. 
Plot: you are a writer, Name James, your wife and daughter is killed why a somewhat a ghost-zombified Women.
And you was investigating who is the killer where you see a women roaming around in the house with a knife. You have to find ways to unlock stuff and get a proof that somebody else killed your wife and daughter.
In which your wife and daughter souls help you in finding clues and skipping the house.

I recommend you to play the game, because it have the best storyline, graphics, environment and controls. You really going to love it.
And I'm totally excited for the endless nightmare 2 as the trailer is awesome.

Thinks i didn't like as 
1. we can't play normal mode before completing simple mode and to be fear i didn't play it and i think most of the people will not that's because nobody wants to play a game again just to complete the game with more difficulty after completing simple. 
Play the whole game again is not going to be that intresting.

2. The game don't save itself on cloud (play games) which is pretty bad as the game is a short story.

3. Also the game is pretty small so, i guess the game should be atleast 1.5 to 2 hours that can be more interesting.

My Rating will be 9/10