Unkilled Game System Requirements And Review Karan-KKA

 Hey, Guys So This is Another Post On System Requirements And Review On the game called UnKilled Let's Begin.

System requirements recommended:
• Version: 4.4.2 and above
• Storage Required: 600 Mb Memory
• Ram: 2 Gb and above recommended
• Internat: Yes
• Playstore Rating: 4.4/5
• User-Rating: 4/5
• PlayTime: 5-8hours
• Parental guidance: 16+


As we Look Into The Review I can say That The Game is good with good graphics, environment, A good story telling, great controls with optimisation. But Before I start the Real Review Let's Get to Know About The story a little.
The story starts when you enter a city of dead. You are the special Forces with the characters skye, ninja girl and liam. 
You are commanded to find out why people are turned into Dead Zombies.

So the game includes arround 150 levels you have to use melee, mediam range, short range, heavy and long range weapons as the levels asks for.

The 150 levels are distributed in 8 tiers.

But as you progress with the tiers and levels you are required to upgrade your weapons constantly as with real money or by grinding.

You still have to grind in online Multiplayer matchs to get blueprints of Guns to upgrade them.
I actually hated the part but also the thing is this game is challenging at the same time .

I also didn't liked how they separated the levels. Like each level is just around 3 mins each and after completing the mission you have to go back at the level-selecter and choose the next level and again you have to wait in loading panel which is super annoying following with random coins pops and buying pop up so I think if they would have combined the missions that would be a little less annoying or atleast a option to continue to next level option.

I will give this game a 7/10 just because wasting time on things which are not that important.