Why Faug game is so over rated? What is the truth and why it's not up to our expectation? -KaranKKA

 Hey guys today I'm looking forward to introduce you to the game called Faug. The truth and what we can expect it to be.

  • Short Intro-

So, let's start from beginning for those who don't know anything about the game.

The game Faug was initially a story mode game from the team encore games which is so-called is best game developer team in India.

Which also been promoted and initially announced from Akshay Kumar which is a famous actor in Bollywood.

With some help from pm of India with the motive to encourage indian teens and to show them the straggle of an solider.

With the help of the game to give a experience like Games like CALL OF DUTY.

with the tag line of 20% revenue will be given to indian army.

  • Promotion Boom-
So, the way the game is promoted was pretty much insane because the actor who announced the game is not in the field of the software or game development. Nor He never said that he is into games.
But has the way he promoted the game was nearly like he was not aware of what is going to happen more like a usual promoted post on twitter and Instagram.
Well we can't forget about the poster they released of the game faug while it was just a stock photography with little like editing. which means that when they announced the game. The game was not even started making it was just a concept as they have to use a stock photography.

  • Skill level-
From the poster and the newly released trailer of the game we all were expecting a huge or The AAA title game as they are said to be best team in India as well as a actor and even PM of India still the poster was stock photography and trailer was like a 19's video game which was very disappointing. Well the encore team never ever made any heavy game before that was just a big disappointment for us.

  • Pre-registration-
The game is now on pre registration on play Store with some screenshots which is also disappointing as the interface and UI looks old enough and not much clear focus on game.
While people who have android 10 and 11 will only be available to pre register the game. Which means only 8% of total android users worldwide.

  • My point of view-
Well I'm not expecting to be a best game nor the worst while the game crossed 1 million pre registration in 24 hours is pretty good and mind-blowing but to be fair the game is going to take much longer to be better or it will vanish from the market well the time will give the answer because people are forcing them to make a battle royale game which is total opposite to a story game. Also they are not focusing on the worldwide players they are trying to isolate the players with in the reach in India. Atleast we can see a little growth in the Indian gaming industry.
You can comment down what you think about the game.

Disclaimer: all the written words are just what I think so don't go out of your way to hate anyone.