Best 3 make in India Multiplayer Mobile games like Pubg mobile, CODM And Freefire

Hey everyone Today I am going to list-down some of the best make in India Mobile games that have a great future ahead.
All the makers are well made and there developers are working hard on there respective projects.

1. J.O.S.H - India's very own indie FPS Multiplayer

This game have the best graphics possible for mobile devices with awesome Guns and animations.
The game stand-out of crowd because of the small group of people are making this game.
The game is not fully made but you can experience the future of this game on your hands.
Awesome FPS and controls regular updates will make you keep going. 

There are Three Modes of Gameplay - 
- Team Death match
- Free for All
- Capture the Flag

It's worth checking out 

2. ScarFall : The Royale Combat

ScarFall Is the Battle royal game. With some unique ability and Guns the Graphics of the game is Good maybe take you time to digest but also the game features TDM And Exclusive Country War Mode the game can be play-able in offline as well as Online with realtime players.
The game is still in the development but you can still play the rough Game from Playstore.

3. MaskGun Multiplayer Shooting Game - Made in India

Last but not the least Maskgun is well know for it's optimised Gameplay. The Game graphics are colourful and offers Outfits, Guns Skins. The game Offers TDM and weekly Rumble Challenges. That will make your time worthwhile.
The players are divided into Three Groups Teir 1, 2 and 3 so that's everyone can have a fair Gameplay. The best is best for Low end devices and lite with easy control.

Hopefully You got your Favourite Games from the List you can Comment Down. Which game are you going to Try?