Do video games teach violance to children? Why parents ignore age rating of games?

photograph by: Kelly Sikkema

Hey, everyone how are you doing well. Today I seat down with you and we are going to discuss about the violance and age rating of Video games.

Basically we all know most of the games are based friction and the lives won't matter in games and characters are not alive. But thinking about the games. does all games teach violance? The answer is No. 
Most of the games are classified in mainly three Age Rating.
  1.  3+ Age Rating (mainly for all ages, specially for kids)
  2.  16+ Age Rating (modrate language and violance)
  3.  18+ Age Rating (strong language and violence)
Basically games are made for specific age groups as shown above if you give you're kid a PS4, XBOX, PC or Mobile to play games.
That does not means that your kid will learn doing violence. It happens mainly because parents and kids ignore age rating of games. 
Meanwhile 16+ and 18+ are made a bit crappy because at the age of 16 or 18 a kid can better differentiate the difference between what she/he wants to take from game. Most importantly difference between reel or real difference between Good or Bad.

Games for general made for relaxation and having fun.
Think about a hard level in game that take so many tries to complete finally I tried so much again and again I didn't give up on it and finally I did it. ( The feeling of I can do anything helps the person to grow )

Games are good to consume but taking care and knowing the consequences are the must.
Well thanks for reading hopefully you gained some knowledge.