New nether secret's that you don't know 1.16 minecraft Update Discussion MINECRAFT - KaranKKA

Hey everyone the official 1.16 update has finally dropped it's here at long last and all of itsi lava filled nether goodness so I think now is a better time and ever to explore 20 nether secret's you didn't know in minecraft 1.16 today I'm teaching you the secret's of the trade giving you problems tips and how to survive all the newest nether biomes mobs and dangerous situations that have been created now that...


Now before we get too far into things uh.. you should probably consider crafting yourself a respawn anchor remember there trusty blocks can save your spawn point and if your any good with red stone you can set up a repeater to refill the blocks constantly with glowstone dust for infinite respawn.

Number -2

Be careful in this bastion guys while you may be wearing gold Armor opening chests and a bastion still triggers the hostile piglin's you better get running guys.

Nether rid bars are actually really useful as they can flow through and up lava depending on how the liquid is moving using this mechanic you can create all sorts of secret items shoots that they maybe accessible to everyone.

Speaking of which don't even worry about dying in lava with nether rid Armor so it's completely immune to the effects of burning.

Maybe you don't even have to have any nether rid yet in which case use TNT to strip-mine at a low level of the nether TNT don't destroy ancient debris after all so it's a good way to carve some out.

There's many portals that now appear around the overworld admittedly they're broke some of them have the potential to be almost fully complete and allow for a quick pass over into the nether if you want to survive there instead.

Piglin's are new but most people know about them you also probably heard that you can barter gold with them for cool items but do you know you can automate this process into a pigman farm using a dispenser and redstone pretty cool huh..

The new mob barian added very late into the 1.16 update in fact this came in the 1.16.2 update the piglin brute spawns to  Protect.

Did you know that when piglin's hunt for hoglets and get a kill they sometimes dance to what you ask? Why it's the new Music Disc Pigstep ofcourse.

You can climb up and down the different vi es across the nether and they can also be bonemealed.