New minecraft 1.16 update how to craft new items in minecraft nether update netherite, ancient debris, netherite scrap, netherite ingot, soul soil, soul fire

Hey everyone as the new minecraft Update is up. Today we are going to let you know how to create new items in minecraft and some important information about them.

  • Where to find Ancient Debris?
Ancient Debris has been introduced in the 1.16 in the addition of brand new all which is quite rare and is only found throughout the nether. Now the new ore added to minecraft is know as Ancient debris (Ancient debris can only be mined with diamond pickaxe) through it is much more common at lower levels of nether.

  • How to make Netherite Scrap?
Ancient Debris can be used to smelt in a furnace to create a new item added into minecraft know as netherite scarp and it looks like this as you can see in the picture below.

  • How to make/create netherite ingots?
Netherite Scarp is a material used to create netherite ingots and the netherite ingots can be used to create the Armor and the tools to craft the ingots just simply used four netherite scrap and four gold ingots in the crafting grid and there you go. You've got yourself an ingot.

  • What is the use of soul soil?
The soul soil can be used to create blue fire or soul fire , blue torch or soul fire torch and blue lantern or soul fire lantern.

  • What is the difference between blue fire/soul fire and regular fire in minecraft?
Soul fire differs from regular fire is that it does one heart of damage to the player whereas regular fire only does half a heart of damage to the player.