What are Best Gun's in Call of Duty Mobile To Become a Pro In the Game Call Of Duty Mobile Discussion - KaranKKA

• Gun Selection

Hi Today We are going to tell what is the best guns that you can use to become a Pro at Call Of Duty Mobile.

Let's get into tip the pro's always do or the pro's are trying to learn so straight off the bat tip is gun Selection. Gun Selection is really a necessary. People who walk around with guns like ICRS, Razorback and even the M4 are basically using guns that are not at the top of the tier list now what you want to be doing is. If you're trying to become a professional game is only use.

Tier List is basically denied at the bottom to give it just as a normal list down gun are at bottom like ICRS or Razorback are the gun who's people say are the good but not so good the top lier gun like SMG known as the MSMC as an SMG player the would be great for you because it is a perfectly viable weapon in a ranked and perfectly viable in public matches and for Assault rifle Category it would be Type 25 and Ak117 you should try using type 25 if you trying to become pro in this game.

Source: IFerg Youtube