Top 5 New Best Adventure Games for Android and Iso 2020 best graphics, story, 3D Adventure Game

Hi Everyone Today I have Listed The Best And New Android And ISO Adventure Games with immersive Story Line That you will never Forget And You Will Love It.

New 2020 mobile adventure games.

1. The Academy

About the Game:
The Academy is a puzzle-packed adventure set in a school filled with mystery.

Arbor’s famed Academy has always been a place where brilliance and mystery go hand in hand. Step into the shoes of Sam, a freshman who will soon discover that both greatness and dread are to be found in the ancient halls of the school. 
With a little help from your friends, tackle all of the challenges the Academy has to offer and become a part of the story unlike any you’ve played.

2. Joyla : Horror Adventure

About the Game:
Welcome to Joyland! Join us in this first-person 3D-arcade adventure that takes place on a survival TV show. Complete quests as you experience horror and navigate difficult puzzles, all while immersed in captivating graphics and atmospheric music.

Beholder 2

About the game:
Story-rich multi-ending game about life in the Ministry of a totalitarian state

The Ministry of Sequels is proud to present another dystopian gem in your totalitarian collection! Beholder 2 brings you back to Helmer, where you will become a cog in a totalitarian machine once again.

3. Demon Never Lie 2

About the Game:
A creepy horror adventure game 🏆 Finalist GooglePlay Indie Games Festival 2020

🏆 Finalist of the GooglePlay Indie Games Festival 2020.

🏆 Winner of the crownfouning Kickstarter campaing (jul 2019) and featured "Kickstarter Staff pick".

Second chapter of the successful Demons Never Lie - Chapter 1.

After a horrible life, the wheel of reincarnation brings back Peter, an emo teenager who will now face his destiny. Peter's life is now in your hands, help him make decisions and save his soul! Demons Never Lie is a creepy adventure with fantastic plot twists and a unique plot that leaves no one indifferent. Experience this unique interactive experience, with a great, funny, dark and unexpected storyline. 

About the Game:
Krabat and the Secret of the Sorbian King

"Krabat and the Secret of the Sorbian King" is a classic point-and-click adventure game about the famous Sorbian fairy-tale figure Krabat.


We're living in 1714 and Augustus II the Strong is furious. Lusatia is suffering under the tyranny of Augustus' greedy squires. But unexpectedly an old Sorbian power is rattling at the door of the Saxon kingdom. Just the right time for new adventures, new friends and enemies. It's time for... Krabat!

5. Beyond a steel sky

Beyond a steel sky is a pc game which is currently in developing stage and the game will be available for ISO device but I stated because it is possible that after iso the game could be available for android also we stay tune.