3 Made in India Mobile Games which need your support - KaranKKA

Hi everyone Today we are going to look at the made in india mobile games we are listed the game who are 3d shooting online games that can have a great future. If Indian's leave all the Chinese games like PUBG MOBILE, CALL OF DUTY these are the top Chinese games which are played so much in india not only Chinese we recommend you to avoid also the game's other then Chinese and Help and support the made in india games because india is a country where game and gamers are not usually get exposure and they have to face trouble and even after making a decent game they can't improve and develop the game as they imagined as there are no players to support the game at initial states.
The developer's don't get support and eventually they have to leave there game to face the real world where everyone likes only the perfect and best.

We recommend you to try the game's and give the feedback to the developer's.
And if possible help them financially to focus on the game.

Let's start the List


Online Team Based PvP with Easy Controls ! Fast Gripping Action !

MaskGun is a real-time online Multiplayer 3D First Person Shooter built for Mobile
The game is developed really good and it is the oldest Indian online shooter game that we have seen on playstore.

The game is developed and published by the JUNE Gaming.


ScarFall battle royale is online & offline shooting game with survival challenge

Scarfall, the ultimate battle royale for your mobile. It is online shooting game with survival challenge. One of the best multiplayer game with strategic play.

Scarfall is the Battle royale game can be playable online as multiplayer and also offline for solo fun without internet.
The game have so many unique feature and the game is still not Fully developed.
With every update so many unique feature we see.

The game is developed by Jenish studio and published by phoenix Games Team.

3. Rogue heist

Unique, Fast-Paced 5v5 Heist & 1v9 Brawl

Welcome to Rogue Heist, an intense, competitive yet fun third person shooter game that changes the way you always looked at a Heist. This time it’s a two-sided story, both sides eyeing the same loot & that’s where the action lies. You team up with your crew in a 5v5 Heist Mode to experience some adrenaline pumping matches. 
The game was previously launched on PC but it doesn't do well so the developers are making a  mobile version of it.
it is not officially launched but you can pre register the game on Play Store.

Bring it on!
Let's try supporting and helping the game's.