Do We Actually Need Anime On Indian TV

Hey everyone Of You Guys.
First Of All I Am Also An Anime Fan. But Question Raises That.

Do We Actually Need Anime On Indian TV Channels
First Thing First We All Have Seen Animes Like Pokemon ,Bayblade ,Dragon Ball ,Doremon and Other Amazing Animes. On Indian TV Channels

But We will All Agree That Every Anime Which Is Aired On Indian TV Channel were Ruined And Finally Got Cancelled And stopped Airing on TV.

Because of Some Following Reasons
  • Lack Of Audience ( age group )
  • Don't have a category ( Anime are usually add in cartoon category as it is an animation )
  • Taking Anime Serious

Let's See How Some Famous Animes Stop Airing on TV

Fall of Dragon Ball

dragon Ball super linking it to Hindu gods, so they just responded by denying Indians the show, content, game or any official release so this way they don't get into any legal problems.

Fall of Naruto

The people who brought Naruto to India actually failed to show it to the correct audience, since Media in India is purely based on large TRPs anything lower fails. They don’t want to take risks with complex content having multiple layers to it, since they assume Indian audience is not meant for that.

Fall of Pokemon

When hungama tv started dubbing Pokemon episodes in hindi, the response of audience was quite good. Also when the season of Indigo League was being aired it went to #1 in rating of cartoons. But as soon as johto started they started creating mess. They sometimes used to skip the theme songs Even some of the episodes were also skipped. Some them were aired after some time or aired in the evening slot, but some were skipped forever.

Even if it's release on TV
I would just say that if it will start airing on tv still it will be a fail.
Because now a days people don't watch tv.
And also not to forget they can even ruin the dubbing in hindi like Indian accents, which would be not good and we will find so many cuts in episodes to make it for all types of audiance.

So what's the solution
The solution will be releasing Anime hindi dubbed on video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar...

Well that's it 
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