Pokemon Tyrannosaurus English

Pokemon Tyrannosaurus English 

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About The Game:
  • Category            : Story,Action
  • Published by     : 
  • Info                     : Apk 
  • Size                    : 543.1Mb
  • Version              : 
  • Update               : unknown

New Pokemon game (unofficial) English version currently available to play

A new Pokemon game probably one of the best considering all the unofficial one’s

game provides decent character customization at start unlike others

its an mmorpg, you can train/evolve/catch Pokemons like usual & you can even ride them

A big open world to explore with alot of quest, it doesn’t look like it has all the new game pokes but still its a new game right now you can expect more in updates

Co-op team play/Guilds are available

fight are little different all your Pokemon enters battlefield at the same time, you have a job to activate their skills & control the poke it does have auto mode


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  1. i ve played this game for long time, theres no doubt this is the best game ever, open world, can go for the best rated pokemon

    they should do this game official and more knewn, deserve it